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Jane Darcy is an Irish owned company. Founded by Gillian Halpin, a working mum of two young girls. All too aware of the precious moments passing her by, Gillian made it her mission to treasure the little moments in life, and to encourage those around her to do the same, and thus Jane Darcy was born. Jane Darcy is a combination of Gillian’s daughters’ middle names’ Jane & Darcy. At Jane Darcy, we are committed to enriching and touching lives by creating luxurious fragrances that encourage you to treasure the little moments in life…the moments that matter the most.


All of our candles and diffusers are premium handmade products. They are designed to not only smell good but also to look good – whether in your home, at work or in a hospitality setting (hotel / bar / spa etc).

Our commitment to the aesthetic of our products is obvious from the packaging, the jars and bottles used and even to the mailer boxes we use to send the products to you.


The Little Wax Co, and from her workshop in North County Dublin, now produces a wide selection of candles (from €21), wax melts (from €5.95), diffusers (from €25), and room sprays (from €12) – many in familiar scents.

Her gorgeous plum and rhubarb scent makes your home smell like someone has been baking pies.


The D8 Candle Co. was born in our home in the heart of Dublin 8. Our founder has a love of industrial design, high-quality handcrafted items and lovely smelling things. Our candles are hand poured using the highest grade soy wax with scents that are inspired by moments and memories from growing up in Ireland. Each vessel is hand-cast, making every D8 Candle unique. 


Established in 1993, Celtic Candles is a family run Irish business directed by James and Gerry Stewart, a father and son team who have a passion for producing quality products.

We welcome you to try any of our products and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries. and is limited to 4 in each of our categories.

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JULIE CLARKE CANDLES  – Julie Clarke Candles are handmade in our workshop situated on the west coast of Ireland – combining a love of fragrances from the garden and ceramics with candles made from our special blend of quality natural plant based waxes.

YANKEE CANDLE STORE– The Candle Store (Yankee’s) are the only retail store in Ireland to sell 100% of Yankee Candle® products and to date its success and popularity has been phenomenal. This makes The Candle Store the largest retailer of Yankee Candle® in Ireland. Our customers travel from all over the country to experience the complete range of fragrances and accessories as seen only in the 500+ Yankee Candle® stores across USA.

CANDLE WAREHOUSE – CandleWarehouse.ie / Yankee Store, Naas is Ireland’s largest home fragrance store specialising in Yankee Candles and Woodwick Candles. We are Ireland’s longest established retail partner of Yankee Candle with almost 20 years experience of the rband. (since November 1999)  Our premises here in Naas, Co Kildare is in excess of 8,000sq ft (725 sq m) with a retail floor of over 5,000 sq ft that showcases our brands to their best.

RATHBORNES1488 – We strive to make every candle to the highest possible quality. This means focusing on every detail to make candles that look, burn and smell truly wonderful. It took us eighteen months for our blenders to create our fragrances and hundreds of hours have been devoted to blending, pouring and testing, and for each size of candle the best balance of wax and fragrance distribution combined with the optimum thickness of different wicks have been selected to ensure a superior quality burn.

CANDLE EMPORIUM – We started trading in 2004 and since then, we have supplied candles to the hospitality industry all over Ireland. Over the years we have built and maintained a strong reputation for excellent customer care, quality products and very competitive pricing. Our main goal is to provide all of our customers with exceptional customer service, the best candle products possible at very competitive prices

JANE DARCY – Jane Darcy is an Irish owned company. Founded by Gillian Halpin, a working mum of two young girls. All too aware of the precious moments passing her by, Gillian made it her mission to treasure the little moments in life, and to encourage those around her to do the same, and thus Jane Darcy was born. Jane Darcy is a combination of Gillian’s daughters’ middle names’ Jane & Darcy. At Jane Darcy, we are committed to enriching and touching lives by creating luxurious fragrances that encourage you to treasure the little moments in life…the moments that matter the most.

MAX BENJAMIN – Max Benjamin was created 12 years ago from Orla’s love of candle making, discovered on a summer spent in America during college. She brought this love home to the Wicklow mountains and merged it with her love for the outdoors and her family lifestyle, naming Max Benjamin after her twin boys Max and Benjamin. Our studio is still based in the Wicklow hills, nestled amongst our family homes. Here, we have our own fragrance library and produce our own candles, diffusers and lifestyle range. Our approach to sustainable design is inspired daily by our family and our surrounds. We love nothing more than continually exploring ways to bring the power and wellbeing of fragrance to our customers’ homes and lives.

CANDLEMANIA – We began our journey by lighting up the People of Cork’s lives in 2007. Candlemania started off in August, with a stall in Mahon Point Shopping Centre, where we sold unique handmade candles, incense sticks, essential oils, tealights and our still as popular to this day grave lanterns and refills. Candlemania currently has our shop on Oliver Plunkett, Cork City, a stall in Mahon Point Shopping Centre every year during the Christmas period and our online shop open 24/7 all year around!

LOVATO CANDLES – Luxury home fragrance products hand-poured in Cork, Ireland using the finest ingredients and shipped worldwide. Our luxury boxed candles come in two colours; black and white. Each black candle is displayed in a contrasting white luxurious box and our white candles are displayed in gorgeous black boxes. To top it all off each box is hand stamped with a luscious red Lovato Candles wax seal. The perfect gift for any occasion!

HERB DUBLIN – Rachel McCann created herb DUBLIN from pure passion. If you know Rachel you’ll know that she is extremely vocal about healthy living, eating and constantly driven to find simple ways to improve health from the garden to the sea. As Rachel always says “Everything that we could ever need was given to us by Mother Nature, you just have to know where to find it”. Driven by all things natural and healing from the ground up, her passion for good health is as addictive as the products and fragrances that she creates!

HAND MADE SOAP COMPANY – We take great pleasure in looking after our people, our growing tribe and our planet. We make it our business to make the world a better place, by not only lifting spirits and tickling the senses, but by raising the bar too. And we don’t just mean soap. Since our products are made by hand, we know exactly what goes into each one. Because we put it there ourselves. Each ingredient carefully chosen to deliver the best possible results. What we leave out is as important as what we leave in. We want you to know exactly what we’re made of.

BROOKE & SHOALS – Brooke & Shoals was founded by Alison Banton in the picturesque seaside town of Greystones in County Wicklow, known as the “Garden of Ireland”. Alison’s passion for fragrance was inspired by the divine aroma’s of the petals she picked as a child in her great-aunt Mollie’s circular rose garden. Mollie used to say the ‘babbling brook and the whispering shoals’ would help her turn Alison’s rose petals into perfume. But overnight, the kind old lady would add real perfume to the little girl’s watery mixture; fooling her into thinking she had created the wonderful aroma!

TINNOCK FARM – Our candles are lovingly handcrafted and produced on a very small scale in our little farmhouse using 100% natural soy wax and cotton wicks. Our scents are produced using high quality fragrance oils and essential oils and are inspired by life around our farm. Hours of testing insure that each candle provides you with maximum fragrance throw and burn times. Likewise, our soap is made in the traditional cold process way and left to cure for 6 weeks. Full of nourishing olive oil and shea butter with essential oils, they are gentle enough for any skin!

ELDERS AND CO – Our candle are made with a fine-quality natural wax blend used by luxury houses across Europe. Our wax is vegan-friendly, non-toxic, clean burning and has exemplary scent-holding and throwing qualities. We use high-quality, lead-free cotton wicks. With proper care, our cotton wicks burn even and clear. Cotton wicks are a traditional choice of wick material and we believe they are the most sustainable suitable wick material. We do not use wooden wicks. The fragrance ingredients we use are the same ingredients used by many other luxury perfume houses and can be found in any high-quality candle. Our ingredients are all carefully sourced and labelled and free from any severe hazards to health, making them safer to enjoy in your home.

CLEAN SLATE – C L E A N S L A T E founder Nicole Connolly has always had a love for fragrance, gorgeous products, design and creativity, as well as an obsession with candles. So it was inevitable that she began making her own Little Luxuries that would blend these passions. This grew into creating a range of products that are aesthetically pleasing, high quality and eco-friendly. Our candles are made with 100% soy wax, paraben free, vegan, hand poured and finished with love and care. We hope you love our Little Luxuries for everyday use.

BROOKFIELD FARM – Driven by her vision of bringing agriculture back to its sustainable roots; producing good food for people. Ailbhe has farmed Brookfield Farm for over six years, growing skills, developing new ideas and making collaborations with skilled farmers, apiarists and consumers. As well as farming the land Ailbhe was inspired by the views and rich land of the farm, she set out to create entirely natural, traditionally handmade gift products from the wild honey being produced, including beeswax candles and gift boxes. The candles are dipped + hand poured often scented with botanical essential oils.

WITHJOICANDLECO – Naturally, we have a love for scents and handmade gifts. While experimenting various recipes for our own personal use the ideas and passion grew slowly into a small business. We are all natural and eco friendly using soy wax, organic and essential oils in our products. We hope that you love our creations as much as we do enjoy making them and find the right one for you and occasion. Proudly black owned and handmade in Co. Laois, Ireland.

CAILLEACH CANDLES – Cailleach Candles is a one witchy woman shop based in Ireland. I specialize in handmade crystal candles but my crafting skills are growing fast and I plan to expand my products. All of my candles are 100% soy wax, with cotton wicks, dried herbs and flowers and natural crystals. My products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. ach candle is made and packaged with love and intent, each one is cleansed with Palo Santo before shipping. Now with Bio-degradable glitter !

MILLBEE – Here at Millbee Studio, we want to tackle the issue of plastic pollution while promoting a sustainable alternative. Through combining organic cotton with beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin our Beeswax Wraps are washable and reusable. Providing an environmentally conscious solution to plastics. We also make beeswax candles and a natural balm in our Studio. As a sustainability-focused company, we pride ourselves in sourcing the finest raw Irish produced honey. Our Beeswax Wraps are monitored closely in their production. We use organic cotton infused with premium-grade A beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. Our products are sustainably packaged and shipped directly to your home when you order online.

THE BEARDED CANDLE MAKERS – By developing our own scent blending profiles and studying the science of candle making we truly believe our candles will smell amazing and last longer than their counter parts. We have literally tested thousands of different combinations of wicks with a range of natural waxes, in a range of different containers. As well as that we discovered most candle makers only use about 3 – 5% fragrance in their candles, we use 11%, which is the very most the wax can take. We do this because the scent is the most important part.