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Established in 2013 by Frank Kavanagh & Peter Sztal. Having worked in graphic design and corporate banking respectively, we took the leap and opened up our own coffee roastery. Our coffee isn’t just roasted in Dublin, it’s chosen for its personality which means we go beyond the usual places to find it. The name ‘Cloud Picker’ came from our trip to Northern Thailand where we visited a coffee farm in the Doi Chang area on the Thai / Burma border and where we went up through the clouds to see the coffee pickers! Thailand wasn’t known for it’s speciality coffee back then so it’s interesting to see how far it’s journeyed since.


Three Spoons is a tea and coffee supplier located in 10 / 11 Market Parade, Patrick Street, Cork, Ireland.

We proudly cater to online purchases through this website and provide shipping throughout the country. Moreover, we pride ourselves as one of the best loose leaf tea and coffee suppliers in Ireland sourcing our produce from various countries.


Niks Tea aims to create Organic Herbal teas that are healthy & full of exciting flavours for experimental & experienced tea enthusiasts.

We are committed to an ecological production process & packaging plan and strive to create a memorable & enjoyable tea experience that’s affordable and convenient for customers to source & prepare.


We are Irish owned and operated! We only buy Speciality coffees beans that are carefully selected to create a full range of options that suit different ways of making and drinking coffee. All of our coffees are traceable and in some instances, we have visited the farms and met the farmers and mill operators. We roast 100% of our coffees ourselves on our Diedrich IR-24 Roaster or our Diedrich IR-3 Roaster. 


Many roasters in Ireland are now producing excellent speciality coffee but we wanted to be about more than just the coffee.

A major driving force behind the business is to do things both differently and fairly and to this end, we are attempting to engage in “Conscious Capitalism”. 

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TEA & COFFEE SUPPLIERS – Tea and Coffee Suppliers is an online and retail loose tea and coffee store dedicated in providing you with quality tea products as loose black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, fruit tea, mate tea, and more tea products! At Tea and Coffee Suppliers we offer only the finest coffee beans – Classic, Flavoured and Espresso!

LOOSE LEAF LOOSE LEAF shop and tasting salon is set at the heart of old Cork in a beautiful historical building dating from approximately 1750. We offer a wide selection of finest quality loose-leaf teas and gourmet coffee beans. Relax with a fragrant cup of tea and browse our collection of teaware and accessories, gifts, gourmet honey and chocolates. 

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SOMA COFFEE COMPANY – We started with a humble coffee machine serving up delectable brews to the ever-growing coffee curious public. From Africa to South and Central America and everywhere in between; we source all our coffee beans from accredited, high grade specialty coffee farms & brokers.

DISCOUNT COFFEE – DiscountCoffee.ie is part of the Pure Roast Coffee family, offering freshly roasted coffee throughout Ireland. We roast coffee using our unique convection roasters. Our state of the art facility has been producing coffee for customers large and small, we cater to every customers individual taste. Shop at DiscountCoffee.ie for great coffee, freshly roasted in Ireland. We also supply Lavazza, Monin, Barry’s Tea and many more great brands, with next day delivery available throughout Ireland.

JOY OF CHAJoy of Cha was opened in 2006 in Dublin, Ireland and became the countries first specialised tea shop. We have been selling premium tea and coffee for nearly 15 years so we have a huge amount of experience under our belt. You can be sure you will receive the best quality product and service. 

CLEMENT & PEKOE – Clement & Pekoe is an independent, Dublin-based business with locations both north and south side to serve up our two favourite cuppas, Tea and Coffee. Our flagship cafe and retail emporium is on bustling South William Street, while our production and processing HQ (and cafe too!) is on Blessington Street. We are passionate about high-grade loose-leaf tea as well as sourcing the best direct-trade coffee we can get our hands on. We brew it, sell it, and drink it all in equal measure.

COFFEECLICK – We are a Dublin-based collection of coffee enthusiasts, who treasure coffee and seek to make the highest standards of coffee products available in Ireland. We credit ourselves on our high level of knowledge in the coffee industry, enabling us to deliver a premium product and service. We ensure every customer receives their goods with a smile on their face. We don’t just deliver goods, we deliver an experience. All of our orders are dispatched from our premises in Dublin, Ireland.

FSLFood Solutions Limited (FSL) is Ireland’s leading provider of premium beverage brands to the restaurant, bar and catering industries. For more than 15 years our story has been about sourcing and supplying the world’s best coffee, syrups, teas, chocolate, and equipment to Irish businesses of all sizes. We are Ireland’s exclusive supplier of illy, Monin, Clipper, Drink Me Chai and Monbana brands, as well as Astoria and Francis Francis coffee machines.

RED ROOSTERWe’ve done our best to put information here on the website that answers your artisan roasted Red Rooster Ground Coffee questions and tells you who we are and how we roast. We talk about ground coffee, whole bean coffee, fine grind coffee, water quality, coffee filters, and lots of other coffee topics. If you’ve got questions you can’t find answers to just drop us a line, or better yet give us a bell. We’re always glad to talk about coffee!

CLOUDPICKER – Established in 2013 by Frank Kavanagh & Peter Sztal. Having worked in graphic design and corporate banking respectively, we took the leap and opened up our own coffee roastery. Our coffee isn’t just roasted in Dublin, it’s chosen for its personality which means we go beyond the usual places to find it. The name ‘Cloud Picker’ came from our trip to Northern Thailand where we visited a coffee farm in the Doi Chang area on the Thai / Burma border and where we went up through the clouds to see the coffee pickers! Thailand wasn’t known for it’s speciality coffee back then so it’s interesting to see how far it’s journeyed since.

BELL LANE – We are an award winning coffee roasters based in Mullingar, Co Westmeath. We’re here to make freshly roasted speciality coffee accessible to you. Our team of coffee fanatics have over 30 years’ combined experience in the coffee industry. We love to experiment, developing some of the most innovative coffee blends you’ll ever taste. Through our experience, and our high standard roasting processes, we develop unique coffee blends with the optimum balance of acidity, body and flavour to make a great cup of coffee every time.

BEAR MARKET COFFEE – “A cup of coffee will give you a caffeine perk, but a great coffee experience will leave you feeling reborn” – That’s why we have created a community of coffee lovers, not coffee snobs, who believe that where you enjoy your coffee is just as important as what’s in the cup. Whether you’re grabbing a quick one on the way to work, relaxing with friends (or just a good book), or you’re interested to learn more about the art and science behind coffee, we want everyone who walks through the door to feel inspired, revitalised, and above all welcome.

ARIOSA – Established in 2003, Ariosa Coffee is one of Ireland’s first Speciality Micro Coffee Roasting Company. We serve only the finest, freshest and friendliest beans in town and pride ourselves on our ability to produce and deliver the very best product every time. “Our values are pretty simple, we source the very best single origin speciality coffees from around the world to our customers without any compromise. We buy directly and ethically from growers ensuring that the care and passion that they take in producing speciality graded beans is emulated by us through our roasting method and delivery process”

SILVERSKIN COFFEE – Hi my name is Brian Kenny and this is the story of Silverskin Coffee. My very first job in 1996 started my career in coffee. Here I began roasting coffee and immediately knew this was to be my chosen career path. I fell in love with the process, roasting, coffee machines, cupping and training. In 2008 I represented Ireland in Copenhagen World of Coffee Cup Tasters Championship. I secured funding from the Local Enterprise office and purchased a production line for packing wholesale coffee. This machine ensures that our coffee is packed immediately after roasting and degassed in a protective environment. Coffee is a volatile product and we believe this superior technology and best practice provides the freshest coffee on the market. For our retail and home use pack we invested in a dosing machine and compostable cylinder packing.

THE BUSY BOTANIST – Our inspiration for the range came from realising that most people don’t have the time or the inclination to figure out the health benefits of herbal teas, and the ones currently on the shelves were often disappointing. We found that almost all brands contained green or black tea, fillers, added sugars, flavourings, colourings and preservatives; not so healthy after all – and most importantly, they didn’t tell you how they supported a healthy lifestyle. Locally produced in Kerry, our tailored blends of herbs support specific every day health & well being needs. We carefully select and hand blend our mixes, using only high quality and high performance organic herbs with nothing else added to bring a great taste sensation that is gentle yet effective.

RED EYE COFFEE ROASTERS – There are very good reasons to drink coffee, like fine wine the taste, texture and smell of freshly roasted coffee can take you on a journey that tantalises the taste buds and stimulates your senses. Every Red Eye single origin coffee has its own personality and can transform your day with a single sip. Making flavoursome coffee is easy for us as we love what we do. y in, day out we strive to make every cup of our coffee that you drink a memorable one. Roasting is our love, Coffee is our passion…

MOYEE COFFEE – About 8 years ago a bunch of African and European entrepreneurs launched Moyee Coffee. Their ambition was to reimagine the coffee industry and share more of the value from coffee with coffee growing countries. They called this model FairChain. They set up Moyee’s first roastery in Addis Ababa, established partnerships with coffee communities in the Jimma region and began to develop a roadmap fora living income for coffee farmers which could also protect and rejuvenate the wildlife habitats of the coffee belt. In 2016, Irish social entrepreneurs, Shane Reilly and Killian Stokes, discovering the good taste and ambition of Moyee, established an outpost in Dublin to bring FairChain coffee to offices, shops and homes across the UK and Ireland.

CALENDER COFFEE – Our story began in 2014 at Workshop Coffee in London. It was here we learnt that the best tasting coffees were almost always the most recently harvested. For something that has such a big impact on quality, we were surprised this information is rarely shared with the customer. Coffee is best treated like any other fresh produce, and we saw an opportunity to improve quality through the way we source and the producers we work with. Over the next two years, the idea for a seasonal roastery started to take shape and in November 2017, we relocated to my hometown of Galway to make our dream a reality. Following the harvest calendar, the coffees and origins we work with are always changing, depending on which countries are harvesting and the coffees that taste best. By sourcing just the right amount to meet seasonal demand, we’re able to build a diverse range that is sweet and full of flavour all year round, which we’re really proud of!

SOLARIS TEA – At Solaris, we are a family business established by husband and wife: Joerg and Karin Mueller, two qualified Medical Herbalists (BScHons). Based in Galway by the rugged shoreline of Irelands West coast, Solaris specialises in the blending and preparation of International Award winning Whole-Leaf Organic Teas. In our early twenties, during our herbal medicine degree, that we dreamt up, and blended our first perfect cup of herbal tea. The local coffee shop tried and tested our creations and these original virgin blends soon outsold their coffee offerings. Similarly our tea-sampling evenings became a regular fix with friends. One evening, after relishing in thirty varieties of Organic Jasmine tea from small hand picked tea plantations, conversation took on a new level of poetry and a dream was born. We decided to share our passion with the world.