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How Do I Add A Business?

Please click on ‘SUBMIT A STORE’ and enter your details in the form and submit.

How Do I Contact You With A Query or Comment?

Please click on ‘CONTACT US’ and enter your details in the form and submit.

What Are The Guidelines For Submission?

Please use common sense when submitting a site to be added. You MUST

  • INCLUDE all fields on the form and IN ENGLISH.
  • ENSURE the web address you are entering works correctly
  • Descriptions for the time being are capped at no more than 100 words.
  • Allow 3 working days for the site to be approved and added

Premium listings are listings which appear at the top of each of our category pages. There are TWO type of premium listings. There is the main banner listing (max 2 per category) and then the sub banner listings (max 4 per category). Examples of both are available to see within each category. If a site you are submitting might be interested in a premium listing then please indicate this to us by entering ‘Yes’ in the appropriate field on the SUBMIT A SITE form. The site will then be contacted with further information on pricing and benefits.