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 Jan 29th 2021 – Welcome to NOTAMAZON.IE. Under duress from lockdown and the shopiholicness of my missus continually buying things off the  AMAZON website I tried to convince her that with the advent of BREXIT and the uplift in shopping costs from the UK she may like to try and find alternative sources for her goodies.

She complained that she didn’t have time to spent hours and hours looking at the Internet for stores that ‘might’ sell the things she liked as it was just a simple search on AMAZON to find the stuff she wanted.

With that in mind and in conjuction with a press story I read in the New York Times about a website in Canada that concentrated on local stores not connected with AMAZON I decided to invest some time in this venture which, by definition, is NOT AMAZON.

Its an attempt to bring together as many stores, in Ireland, as possible and in a single space that might prove a good idea in allowing the shopalolics of Ireland to shop local.

This site will develop & grow over the months ahead so if any of you reading this have any ideas on making it better then please contact me via the CONTACT US page and share your thoughts.

As the Carpenters once said…’We’ve only just begun…’.


Now over 1 year on the Internet. Thank you for all the support we receive. Please remember to submit your store (free of charge) and let us know your thoughts on the site. We’d love to hear from you!

First Irish Amazon ‘fulfilment centre’ opens in Baldonnell. RTE reports on the opening of Irelands new Dublin centre.

Our website is now FULL! See over 750 Irish Stores brimming with shopping ideas!

Christmas 2022 is coming – Do all your online shopping here. Support Irish products!

Irish operations for Amazon being to build up – Boooo – First Irish Amazon ‘fulfilment centre’ to create 500 jobs

All SEMI-PREMIUM AD slots now filled. Please contact us should you, or your business, be interested in taking up a PREMIUM slot!

 Thirty categories. 750+ stores.

Now with 730+ stores.

 Increase in store count to over 700! New Categories added!!

 Increase in site store count to over 600!! We aim to have 750+ Irish ecommerce stores on site very soon!

 There are now in excess of 450 stores to chose from on our site. Onwards & upwards!!

 Changing the way we shop – In depth article from RTE on how the major forces of Covid-19 and Brexit are forever changing the way we   shop!

A further analysis piece from the Irish Times indicates that AMAZON is about to change the way the way we shop in Ireland.

 A recent article in the Irish Times indicates that it may not be too long before there is an actual AMAZON.IE to plug into. Baldonnell, in Dublin, seems to be the place where a new fulfilment centre is to be located. Whilst this won’t help all the smaller stores that rely on the Irish shoppers to visit their on-line stores this site makes no apologies for promoting them.